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Dear Parents,

We wanted you aware of these changes as soon as possible, yet we do not have all the pieces in place for the transition.

On Monday evening, June 15th, the Board of Education took action to end the collaborative agreement with ICAA for the Head Start Collaborative for 2015-16.  Head Start and the Colby District will NOT run a joint program next fall.

There is a great deal of work that needs to be accomplished and notification to parents.  Administration has already started drafting a plan for schedules, structure and staffing.  We will also need to meet with LS staff to finalize details, refine our rough draft and start working on revisions to class lists.

The GREATEST impact anticipated for parents; plan for a change from a 4 day, ½ day program to a 2 day, all day format.  Initially, we anticipate a Tuesday / Thursday group and a Wednesday / Friday group.  We will consider parent requests, yet the primary placement decisions will be based on specialized service (OT, PT, Speech/Language, etc.), transportation routes, balancing class sizes and boy/girl ratios.


We will notify parents once again in writing as we refine plans for next year.  We will also have the most CURRENT information posted here, on the Little Stars web page


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