Colby Elementary School

Curtis Alan Hed, a magician, juggler, and comedian, will be at Colby Elementary next Thursday- Janua
Curtis Alan Hed, a magician, juggler, and comedian, will be at Colby Elementary next Thursday- January 12. He will be performing a show for grades K-4 at 2:30. He will also be doing a show for Pre-K - 5th grade in the evening.
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PBIS Parent Brochure
P.B.I.S. (Positive Behavior Intervention & Supports) is a school-wide approach to discipline, establishing expectations, and developing a process to create a safe and more effective school.
Folleto de PBIS para Padres
P.B.I.S. (Comportamiento positivo, intervenciónes y apoyo) es un enfoque para de toda la escuela a la disciplina, el establecimiento de las expectativas, y el desarrollo de un proceso para crear una escuela segura y más efectiva.

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Early Bird Program

The Colby Elementary School and Little Stars Preschool provide an Early Bird program starting at 7:45 AM (Tues.- Fri.) and 8:45 AM (Mon.) before school for children who need to be dropped off. The children are supervised and plan for them to either eat breakfast or sit and wait quietly for school to begin. DO NOT DROP OFF your children before 7:45 AM, (8:45 AM Mondays) since there is no supervision available before 7:45 AM (8:45 AM Mondays).


Student Fees

Lunch: Minimum payment of $15.00 per student.
Please have a separate check for lunch made out to Colby Hot Lunch Program.
Milk Break: Grades K-4 half pint of milk other than lunch time




General Information

Colby Elementary School
202 West Dolf Street
PO Box 80
Colby, WI 54421
Phone: 715-223-3939
FAX: 715-223-2123


School Office Hours: 7:30 AM-4:00 PM

Students 8:15 AM-3:30 PM
Monday Late Start 9:15 AM-3:30 PM
Early Release 12:30 Dismissal




*REMINDER: Students are NOT to arrive at school before 8:45 AM (Monday) or 7:45 AM (Tues.-Fri.)


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