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What is the WISEdash Public Portal?    WISEdash Public Portal is the companion to WISEdash for Districts (a secure portal). No student-level data is displayed. No WAMS id is required. Similar to WINSS, the WISEdash Public Portal contains only AGGREGATED and REDACTED school-level data. The following WINSS data topics are fully incorporated into WISEdash: ACT, AP, WSAS, Attendance, Enrollment. Remaining WINSS data topics will be migrated over time into WISEdash.




Press release:  DPI will issue a press release on WISEdash Public Portal approximately October 22. Your district administrator received a letter from DPI on October 9. A notice was also posted on the WISEdash for Districts portal today, October 11.


Key WISEdash features:

·         Side-by-side:  Compare two school districts or two schools in WSAS, AP, ACT, Attendance, and Enrollment

·         Multi-district and multi-school:  Compare any 5 districts or 5 schools to each other, or compare to statewide

·         Trends: See trends over the last 5 years

·         Data files:  Get statewide data files back to 1995


Should districts use WISEdash Public Portal?  We encourage district staff to start with WISEdash Public for most data needs. When you are ready to do student-level analysis, use the Secure Home icon securehome_20px.png in the WISEdash footer for quick access to Secure Home.


Note -- Data Views and Enrollment:  WISEdash Public Portal contains two data views: Certified and Current. For most public users, the differences will not be noticeable. For users of WISEdash Secure for districts, you may find closer matches to your Secure data with Current view. Please read this webpage http://wise.dpi.wi.gov/wisedash_dataviews for more details. Please pay special attention to the availability of enrollment data for the 2013-14 school year in the Current data view. Note that the 3rd Friday of September “official” data counts will be published under the Certified Data View after the ISES collection closes.



Last Updated: 2/3/17