Attention Colby School District Community Members and Parents:

Wisconsin’s rule for identifying students with specific learning disabilities has changed.  Starting December 1, 2013, all initial evaluations for students suspected of having a learning disability will use information from a Response to Intervention system to determine eligibility for special education.

This letter is to notify you that beginning on December 1, 2013, initial specific learning disability evaluations at the Colby School District will begin using information from a student’s response to intensive, scientific research based or evidence based interventions when making special education eligibility decisions.

If you have questions or would like more information, please refer to the following online resources or  In addition, information is available on our webpage at or by contacting Jason Penry, Director of Special Education and School Psychologist at 715-223-2301.


Referral Form
Referral Form-Spanish
Referral Procedure
Referral Procedure-Spanish
Options Available if you have Questions or Disagree with a decision of the School
Options Available if you have Questions or Disagree with a decision of the School-Spanish
Rights for Parents & Children
Special Education Procedural Safeguards
Rights for Parents & Children- Spanish
Special Education Procedural Safeguards-Spanish

Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting and Training


Item No. 1: Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting and Training

Wisconsin Act 81, effective December 9, 2011, requires all employees of Wisconsin public school districts to report suspected child abuse and neglect. School boards must require all employees to receive training provided by the Department of Public Instruction within six months of initial hiring and at least every five years thereafter. Initial training of all public school employees must occur no later than June 9, 2012.

Note: While contracted individuals are typically not considered to be school employees, we advise school districts to review their contract language and, if necessary, consult with their legal counsel to determine the status of contracted school staff.

DPI will take the following steps to support implementation of Act 81 by January 31, 2012.

1.    Two alternatives will be available to meet the new training requirement: 

·A webcast, following which educators will be able to download a certificate to document their viewing. 

·A PowerPoint presentation with speaker notes that may be delivered by a local educator or county official. Again, a certificate may be downloaded.

2.    A second, optional webcast, recommended for school administrators and pupil services professionals, will provide more in-depth information about the school's role in preventing child maltreatment. 

3.    DPI will update The School's Role in Preventing Child Abuse and Neglect.

4.    A new home page on Child Abuse and Neglect will be established with links to the training noted above and other related resources at .

Questions may be directed to Nic Dibble, Education Consultant, School Social Work Services, at (608) 266-0963 or


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