The Curriculum Council shall establish a vision and long-range strategic planning, program improvement cycles, setting forth a continuous plan which includes a staggered cycle of data analysis, program planning, implementation, and evaluation.  The Council is to develop the structure for content areas and grade levels to work within and ensure that it is followed for the assessment of students and programs, formation of committees, resource studies, changes in program, and recommendations for professional development.  The Council will adhere to district policies and state mandates.

The curriculum will meet diverse learner needs and provide opportunities for students to meet rigorous and challenging content based upon district and State Standards.  All district teachers are responsible for implementing district-approved curriculum. 

Staff Representatives

Chairs:  Nancy Marcott & Marcia Diedrich

Administrative:  Jim Hagen, Steve Kolden, and Jason Penry


            Elem (PreK-6) Reps1                            Secondary (7-12) Reps2

PreK    Katlyn Frahm   

K         Kassidy Gustafson                                Math                Chris Olson

1          Lisa Underwood                                   Int. Lit.             Jessica Sweda

2          Jean Rosemeyer                                    LMC                Nancy Becker

3          Julie Bach                                             Phy. Ed.            Chrissie Wright

4          Carrie Fuchs                                         Fine Arts          Kevin Spindler

5          Michele Stewart                                   C.T.E.               Dora Szemborski

6          Greg Skubal                                         SPED                Karen Tyznik

SPED  Samantha Johnson


1 Elementary Representatives are based on both content and grade level.  Each grade level should have a member representing a specific grade.

2 Secondary Representatives are based more on content areas, yet should represent a variety of grade spans (HS/MS)


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